First day of high school.
Just like any other normal first day. Sunny, not too hot.
I would have wanted it to rain hard. Oh well.

After finishing my school morning rituals, Father took me to school. There were a lot of people. “Oh well,” I thought, “more people to avoid.” I went to where I was supposed to go, I found a seat, and stayed there until I was supposed to. All the while I was wearing my earphones, never listening to what they are talking about, because I already know they are talking about me and how weird I am. But I don’t give a damn. Who needs them, anyway?

Lunchtime. Time to stand and find a table in a corner of the cafeteria. I wanted to sleep. My eyes finally found a spot. I approached it. As I drew nearer, I bumped into HIM. Suddenly, the fast music from my earphones got lost in the louder, slower music coming from my heart. I was taken aback. After a few moments of standing there, I moved away, to where I was supposed to be. I did sleep, but I dreamt of him, with that music I heard.

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