Winter Generation Revolution

I don’t know who started it, and I’ve never heard of it happening before, but this Winter the Revolution was born. This is truly our planet, the people who live here, not those who only visit our home briefly, mere blips in their extended lives; or so the rhetoric goes.

Three years into Winter the wheat crops in the south failed. Our leaders begged for some assistance from the fishing conglomerates. Our desperation had no effect as they listened to our cries with deaf, greedy ears and saw the desolation of our land with their blind, greedy eyes.

The homes of the super-rich on the southern islands are automated; nobody to call. Robots keep the wildlife and crops in order. They kill off and burn the excess. Burn it! As we starved, the resources of our planet were being burned or taken from us. We couldn’t stand it.

A year later, the Revolution’s armada sailed south.

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