Yes, We're at War

They recognized that their Union was a Fragile one, but when the world is so Close to the Edge of Armageddon, sometimes the most imporant thing to do is Talk. Sometimes Time and a Word can make all the difference.

Open Your Eyes, Herr President”, said the chancellor. “Canada has fallen and we must strike back.”

“That is needless Drama, Chancellor,” the president replied. “Perhaps their data Relayer has failed. You are always Going for the One explanation that leads us into war.”

Yes, I quite agree”, said the premier. “We can boost the Magnification on our satellite and see for ourselves.”

But when the chancellor was notified that forces were attacking his border, patience was gone.

“Fire up the Big Generator”, he told his aide. “The Keys to Ascension are in my cabinet. My launch code is 90125. Strike back now.”

The president sighed. “You have climbed The Ladder to war. We are all doomed. May our children’s children learn from the mistakes of our Yesterdays.”

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