Flushed Out

“Fold” I announce, throwing away a hand of four Jacks and a King.

I’ve been on a hot streak all night. Problem is, Haunch has been staring me down, no doubt suspecting me of cheating. Of course, last time I was playing a game with him at the table, I was cheating. I barely escaped that table without a gunfight, and as long as I keep throwing away these beautiful hands, I’ll probably get away from this table without incident.

Well, despite the new hand I’ve been dealt, I’m having ill luck tonight.

“Hot damn!” exclaims Jabberin’ Jim from behind me, just over my right shoulder. I’m in trouble now. I move my quivering hand to my sidearm and my foot to the edge of the table.

“I ain’t never seen a royal flush in a real game before!”

The look on Haunch’s face tells me exactly what I need to do. In an instant, I kick the table over, fire a shot, and dive behind of table of dumbfounded miners.

The commotion’s settled, and I’m stuck behind a table surrounded by gunfire. How am I going to get out of this one?

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