Helping Hans

He was a bully from the time he was in kindergarten, so everyone who knew Hans was shocked that he’d entered a helping profession. But, as it turned out, his appetite for the suffering of others was pretty much satisfied by listening to his patients talk about their pitiful lives, and by artfully guiding them to act in ways that he knew would prolong their misery. And it had been nearly a year since he’d intentionally led a patient down a path to true disaster.

It was well into Moira’s 12th pathetic session with him when Hans found himself standing behind her as she went on and on, knowing that he was going to do something he’d never done before. Something much more satisfying. Moira was startled to feel his hands on her neck, but she’d always been attracted to him and secretly hoped for the best.

With no family members who lived nearby, no real friends, and no job, two weeks went by before Moira was reported missing by her landlord. Hans was feeling pretty good about his chances.

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