Ginger: Bag Man's Message

I didn’t cry. I don’t cry. I’ve seen too many things.

I did lower myself into the compartment with Bag Man and I held him for a long, sad time, his burgundy blood staining my coat and trousers. His body was cold, lifeless now, the spark long gone from his eyes. I cradled his head and planted a final kiss upon those beautiful icy lips.

Where was I, in this place so hidden that not even I could know about it? This was just the first of Bag Man’s many secrets I’d soon discover.

It seems he dragged himself down there with the last of his dying strength so that I might find it. No one else was due to come by for some time. It was only after I carefully moved his body aside that I saw it: a tunnel in the dark. I fetched a lightorb from my satchel and tossed it deep into the passage. The tunnel continued off in the distance farther than I could see. Where did it lead?

“Yet another thank you,” I whispered. It seemed I had nothing left of my own after the raid, but Bag Man had left me more than I’d ever imagined.

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