Giving over to the Dark Side

“I have done as you asked my lord.” He was on his knees trembling. “I have forever cut my Earthly bonds.
“I killed my parents in their sleep and ate their still beating hearts.
“I chased down my little sister and when I caught her I threw her in the wood chipper.
“I sealed all the exits to my church and burnt it to the ground during Sunday mass.
“I strangled my girlfriend of three years and craved out her sexual organs.
“I have done all you asked, and now my soul is yours eternally.
“I ask that you keep your promise and allow mankind to know 1,000 years of peace.”

The prince of darkness slowly approached him through the ever-present fog. He put his hand on his right horn and took a deep breath.

“It’s me Bob.” He said pulling off his mask. “You are just too gullible, dude.”

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