Inside May Be Worse Than Outside

Necessity sometimes strained one’s logic and twisted common sense.

What she was doing, standing in the foyer of Diviny Manor, she would never know. Get out of the rain, perhaps? It was a possibility.

She was dripping, and so was Lisha. There was only one difference between them in that spot: Elinor did not shake herself to rid her body of excess water and she did not tug her companion off balance more than once when she got excited. Oh, well. Two differences.

Elinor looked at Lisha from the corner of her eye.


Many differences.

Lisha stared up at her, tongue lolling out of her mouth and head tilted to the side. Elinor caught the look out of the corner of her eye.

“What’re you staring at me for? I don’t know this place any better than you do.”

And now she was talking to her sister’s dog.

Lisha just panted and sat down, no longer dripping, but very, very damp. They were quiet for a moment until Lisha’s ears pricked up suspiciously.

What is it now?

It was only then that she heard it too.

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