Captain Jason, He's A Hero

Jason donned his Captain’s cap and smiled grimly. The Ficleteers of the USS Ficlets manned their battle stations as well as they could.

“Jason-” LW started.

“That’s Captain Jason to you!” He bellowed dramatically. “When we are at sea we will use proper titles.”

Lone Writer rolled her eyes. “OK then, Captain Jason. I haven’t the slightest idea how to fire a cannon, so I don’t think my manning the battle station is going to work very well…besides the fact I’m a girl.”

Captain Jason looked down at her, the delight of the impending confrontation shining in his eyes. “You’ll figure it out.” He said confidently.

“But-” Lone Writer protested.

“There will be no loitering on deck!” He cried. “To your station, things are afoot!”

The USS Ficlets emerged from the opening at the end of the river and into the daylight. The hour of battle was upon The Order and they intended to be prepared.

FOR NARNIA!! THX shouted.

“Not exactly.” said ALRO.

“I know.” Conceded THX. “I couldn’t resist.”

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