The Unnamed Robot

My creator envisioned me to be one of his greatest. He wanted me to be of great help to other people. He had a lot of good intentions, reasons why he created me. But he was one foolish person. He gave me a brain, without even knowing its source. Now, I don’t want to be a part of his kind-hearted stupidity. I’m better than that.

Up to now, I am unnamed, for I killed my creator with my own hands after getting used to my surroundings. Why? Simple. He was not good enough to be my master. No one is. And I have a goal to fulfill. Having a master will be a nuisance, for they only treat me like a useless doll.

I took my creator’s identity. No one will ever know, for he lived alone. And no one else cared about what my creator does. Because of that, fulfilling my goals will be easier. No one will ever know what I will do to them. I will recreate a dollhouse, and the people will be my slaves. I’ll destroy them whenever I want. I’m their ruler, after all, and they are my foolish slaves, who are brainless.

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