Oh god! It’s freezing! Whose idea was it to go to the snow? I guess I can’t moan; is was my choice to follow these two. Time had been watching Brooke and Alex for a couple days now. It had taken Alex less than a week to ask Brooke out on a date.

“So.. why did I agree to come up to the snow with you?” I asked. It’s not like I dislike the snow. It’s just so cold!"

“Because you wanted to come?”

“Yeah, well.. the idea of snow is nice. It’s just actually being in it that sucks.”

“C’mon, you know you like it.”

“It’s freezing though!”

“Do you want my jacket?”

Wow. That’s pretty sweet of him. “No, you’d just end up freezing yourself.”

“Well, we could use each other for warmth.”

Before I knew what was happening, he had me in a very, well..nice, hug. Wow, very smooth Alex…

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