Death does no favors

I don’t want to die a violent death. That is too sudden and I wouldn’t have time to really appreciate it. No, I want to die a death where my life is slowly being drained. A fatal gunshot wound or I get impaled by a metal pole after pushing someone out of the way of danger.

In my vision, there is no pain. In fact, I’m smiling and looking at the sky. Because with my life coming to a rapid close, there will be clarity. I’m not sure why. Perhaps, since I’m being forced to quit early, I’ll have to write the moral to my story. A final thought that will act as a silk ribbon to tie up the events that have lead up to that point in my life. It won’t be a grand epiphany. It will be a warm and satisfied feeling that will fill my body as it drains.

Alas, my dream demise will probably never occur. It’ll probably hit me before I realize it. Or I’ll live with it for so long I’ll forget it’s coming.

Death does no favors.

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