The Old Man

The Man is bored.

As he twirled his white beard, looking down at the peaceful, but boring, garden where his two children were playing , he can’t help but wonder: “Is this all there is to it?”
Indeed, he is bored.

Unless… Yes. This is gonna be his new project for the next few millenia. This would be exciting.

Carefully, as his children slept, he planted a wonderfully large and majestic tree, with fruit that shine like rubies. They are poisoned. And not the normal poison, either. That would be boring. They would affect even the children of those who tasted it.

Yes. Exciting indeed.
The next day, while his children were frolicking in the garden, he gathered them up and said, “My children, I love both of you, so much that I will warn you not to eat anything from this tree in the middle of the garden. For if you do, you will die”

Later, he called one of his helpers, and told him to sit by the tree, and tell his children to eat. He grinned widely.

This is fun.
Definitely better than chess.

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