Red is the color of

I’m a sucker for redheads. The first girl I was ever interested in was a redhead, in 5th grade. I’d never seen a girl with red hair before. Later, my first girlfriend was a redhead. Then time passed, and I started becoming who I am, which is to say pretty much zero social skills. Ask later. After high school, I worked with a very cute redhead with a fiery personality to match. I screwed up my chance with her. I still kick myself over it. Hell, I still kick myself over a lot of things. I pretty much gave up hope. Sometimes, I wish hope could give up on me. I started slumming it. I found a woman with a fiery personality. She dyed her hair red for me, to match her personality. After her I proceeded to make another long mistake with another redhead. Loneliness, my empty pathetic life drives me to make these errors even though I see them coming.

And now there’s another redhead. My past weighs on me. Fear, regret, low self esteem. And so I freeze and cannot tell her how I feel. Even if she already knows.

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