She didn’t think she was evil. She spent a lot of time thinking about how she was not evil. She variously thought of herself as an economist, helping to decide where limited resources should go; a defender of God’s people, it’s better to support those whose souls will be saved than to save those whose souls are doomed; a patriot, proudly working to improve the greatest nation on Earth so other nations will embrace the ways of her country because of their obvious superiority; and simply as superior, although she never allowed herself to fully frame the word in her mind. She just felt that the poor people on the receiving end of her charity wouldn’t ever really help to solve the problems of the world, in fact they were part of the problem, while her nation was working so hard to improve the world.

So she raised her salary as head of her non-profit again, instead of allocating more to buy medicine and food. If she earns more, she can donate more to her daughter’s school.

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