Buenos Aires, Georgia

Just then, Governor Sanford realized what this meant – Maybe Buenos Aires had moved as well! The Centaurian ship had moved many cities around, why not the home of his mistress?

It was worth a shot.

Sanford motioned the flight attendant over to his seat and nervously asked her if she knew of the whereabouts of Buenos Aires. After checking, she brought him the news.

“I’m sorry, sir, but I have no news of Buenos Aires leaving Argentina. It appears to still be right where it was before.”

Sanford let out a string of expletives, under his breath but audible, even though he held his bible to his lips as he said them.

Well, it was unfortunate, but it looked like this particular alien ship wasn’t going to help him. Not this time. He’d just have to lie again. The only question was, which story was he going to settle on? The “Appalachian Trail Plan” didn’t seem like it would hold much water, but he might not have much choice…

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