My Beautiful Rescue

I’ve been dancing on the tops of buildings…

Every day I wake up to you, and I smile. That smile’s just for you, you know. And when you smile back, it’s flawless. Everywhere I go, I wear your smile, the essence of you, around my neck. Close to my heart.

At the top of my lungs I’m singing you a song. “Don’t you leave me alone.”

You’re always here, right next to me. I feel you breathing, and I’m grateful to be wrapped in your arms, engulfed in familiarity. Your fingers running through my hair as you’re humming a soft lullaby, watching me sleep. And I know what you’re thinking.

I’m falling head over heels for you again.

Now I’m lost in my head, dreaming. I’m dreaming of everything, of you. The way you give me something to look forward to, and how you taught me to never be afraid. The way I always find a reason to laugh, a day to remember, and a rose waiting by my window.

I’m falling more in love…

…with every single word you say.

You are my one and only love, king of my world.

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