Separation Between Research and Practicality

The Commune fell apart after just two months. Between comments like “Ew! Jake, go put your clothes back on! We are NOT that type of commune!” and “Laurel, shut your hole and go grow me some carrots!” (Since we had no way to make a pie!) we were probably starting on the wrong foot anyway.

Each of us picked something to research. Laurel got gardening for vegetables, Alan chose sewing. Some of us chose things we knew we could do already, but it was hard to put the research to good use. Just because you learn the how of it, doesn’t mean your fingers understand. And some of us had harder jobs than others. It made for a grumpy situation. Chris cooked every night. Too bad she couldn’t use a campfire properly. Everything was raw on top and burned on bottom. This made Steve mad, since he was the dishwasher and it took him hours to scrape everything off. Like I said doomed.

I guess we just didn’t know the difference between researching a thing and doing it. We were young though. Young and resilient.

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