We Got it All Backwards

In the beginning, there was everything. Everything that could happen, already did. And He was there. He was never really not there. And, as always, He was bored.

Due to this boredom, He decided to reverse entropy, just to mix things up. That’s something novel. But, still boring. What else?
An idea flashed in His mind: create people that live backwards. Their future is His past.That’s not boring at all. At least, He could pretend to be all knowing.

That would be fun. He could observe His past and create “prophesies” of these people’s future. He would pretend to be angry when he observes a flood that covers the whole world. He could pretend that the tree was only “to test these people’s will” when He creates its evil poison.

And they will worship Him.
That would be fun.

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