The Society

Phil was excited. After a long period of searching and solving, he finally discovered, and was ultimately chosen to be part of, the underground organization in his school, known only as “The Society”. His initiation rite was set tonight and he can’t wait!

However, Phil was a bit scared. He heard stories about this rite. They said it was extremely dangerous. People have died while doing it. And no one knows what it is.

It was this thought that made him nervous as he faced the council later that night.

The council was intimidating. Five hooded figures stood ominously behind the high stands, looking down at him. A monkey, the honorary 6th member of the council, was in front of one of them, noisily eating a banana. The stand was resting on an eerily polished marble floor in an underground chamber in the school. The only light here came from the flickering torches on the walls. Quite dark, then.

Phil wondered what he would be doing.

“Are you ready?”

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