Initiation Rite

“Are you ready?”, the one at the center asked.

Phil tried to relax.
“Uhh, yes,” he breathed.

“To be able to get into The Society,” one of them said, "You must learn to live like a member. You must be able to balance your outside life with the ‘real life’ waiting for you in this hallowed chamber. You must be able to keep on standing tall, in spite of any and all outside pressure forcing you otherwise.

“To be able to get in…”, he paused emphatically. Phil gulped.

“…you must hop on one foot, fifty times, while reciting the school hymn and holding the three sacred books,” he continued.

Phil was surprised. That sounded easy! Taking the three books, he started to do as they instructed, slowly but surely going through the fifty repetitions. Ha was almost finished, confident that he would soon learn the secrets of The Society…

But he should have never trusted the monkey. Fatal mistake…

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