heartless (not a poem)

She died hated.
Only the undertaker witnessed her burial.
Yet she was the one they called heartless.

She lived in a world of hate.
She made that world.
Nobody has ever seen her smile.
But everybody sees her every mistake.
That’s why they thought she was heartless.

But she was kind.
Yet nobody ever saw through her.
They let their ignorance get the better of them.

And she really was heartless.
For she died after giving her heart to a dying stranger.
But nobody ever knew about that deed.
And ignorance got the better of everyone else.
They thought she died of karma.
And they let her die alone.

If only they knew.
If only someone saw through her.
They wouldn’t have been ignorant.
She wouldn’t have died alone.
She was heartless.
For she gave her heart to someone else.
If only they knew.
Would she still be heartless in their eyes?

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