The Run to Freedon Chapter 1 Through the woods

I ran through the woods, looking for Steven and Meaghan. We were running home from school taking the shortcut. Steven always runs ahead and Meaghan follows along. Meaghan is my 2 year old Sister who I pick up from preschool everyday. Steven is my best friend since 1st grade. We are all Jewish.
Its time of the holocaust. Not a plesant time. Everyday, I have to run home from school. My mom, she died. They captured her. My dad, he doesn’t have a job. We are struggling.
“Hi Dad. I’m home!” I pick up Meaghan and Carried her to the ripped up Couch and placed her down and played the scratchy Radio that didn’t come in clearly. “Sorry I’m a little later then usual. The soldiers almost stopped us so we took the short cut but we had to go to the short cut the long way.” I said as I walked into the kitchen. “It’s Ok. As long as they didnt stop you. But, I have to Tell you something.” My Father said putting the eggs from the chickens in the Refridgerator. “Ok.” I respoded. “Theres a problem.” He sat down.

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