All the world is a soap opera.

The world was here, and it was not. Sparks were flying, the Moon was crashing into things, the delicate dance set up by the Clock Maker was falling apart. But the Clock Maker was gone. After all, it was just a comission. A comfortable home for the Lady Moon to live in, complete with entertaiment. If only she could figure out how to turn it on! She made a phone call. The Clock Maker answered and she presented her problem. The Clock Maker laughed. He told her there is a switch to turn on Earth’s doings for her. All she had to do was set off one of the volcanoes built in and earth would do the rest. Lady Moon bumped against Earth. Everything began moving on the planet. Ants came out of the ground and birds flew from trees that grew suddenly. Humans came out of caves and began the world’s biggest Telenovella. Lady Moon sighed with pleasure. All women love a good Soap Opera. But Even the Moon cannot figure out modern technology. She is, after all, a woman.

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