Nothing is Wrong

Looking into Nathaniel’s eyes made me forget everything else. There was no more hurt or pain or hidden bruises. Looking into his eyes made me feel like I was almost worth something, like maybe I wasn’t doomed for eternity.

I held my smile for a full minute, just looking into his eyes. Nathaniel reached out his hand to touch my arm, but as soon as he did I winced and pulled away. He withdrew his hand very quickly and had instant concern on his face. My arm was still extremly trender from where my mother had hit me last night.

“What? What’s wrong, Anabell? Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” Nathaniel asked in a rush.

“No, no I’m fine.” I said after taking a deep breath and banishing more tears from my eyes. “I just have a bruise there is all. But, I need to get to my locker and then to class. Bye.”

I rushed around him and towards my locker, silently begging him not to follow, because I had seen his disbelief in his eyes and I knew I could never stay away from him now that he was suspicious.

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