A Short Story in Lit

I sat all through first hour staring straight at the teacher. I took notes when we had to, but I didn’t participate in the discussion. We had just read a short story and were disecting all the literary elements used in it. I should have been the one claiming all the answer because I knew every single one of them, but I couldn’t because my mind was so focused on the subject of the article.
The girl looked up at the man she once cherished. She searched longingly for the face of the kind, loving father she once knew but all she found was a hardened man whom she didn’t know.

Tears sprang to her eyes because of how closely she related to this article. Everyone else sympathized with the girl, as the author intended the to, but she was certain none of them could understand exactly what it was like to lose someone you look up to with them still living with you.
Anabell shuddered as a tear slipped from her eye. She wiped it away and checked to see if anyone saw. When she looked, Nathaniel was looking right at her.

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