It's hard being a girl and a super hero.

The Medical Mutant looked dourly down at the city. This was definitely going to suck. Some fool of a villain calling himself The Apothecarian (not a real word) had decided to put white Phosphorus in the water system. Among other things, ingesting this caused horrible breath and flatulence. Eventually kidney failure and toothaches, but hey, that’s nothing compared to ill-timed gas-passing. City teens could not make out without killing one another from bad breath or bad gas! So it was up to The Medical Mutant to absorb the symptoms while the city cleaned its water system up. (And hopefully put some security measures in.)

The Medical Mutant focused and managed to absorb it all before being whisked to a private hopsital where she was able to let out a record breaking fart. Fortuantely, they had anticipated it and the Guinness Book of World Records officials were on hand to make a note of it. She had managed to purge herself of the white phosphorus and the city was saved from extreme discomfort for another day.

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