The Fourth Wall

One of the walls from your room is gone, replaced by a dark portal to the unknown. Through it you see only the head and shoulders of an immense demon. White skin, eyes like galaxies, mouth locked in an open grin revealing thousands of pointed teeth. Down its mouth, you see the very essence of infinity itself.

Everything in is slowly being pulled towards this gaping maw. The atomic structure of your possessions begins to melt into a stream of particles evaporating from their original place and into the creature’s mouth. It’s almost beautiful in a horrific way.

The space is left empty. Not in the sense that the room is vacant, but that this block of space is now devoid of existence, bereft of substance, a room-shaped hole in reality. It is painful to look at, the brain not wishing to process the view.

The beast moves on to another room and begins the process anew. And once there is no more interior to wrap the exterior around, the reality of our world will simply collapse inwards, folding in on itself.

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