No Idea

Nathaniel nodded and pulled a pen from his pocket. He scribbled something on his napkin and then his number underneath that. He ripped off the part he had written on and slip it across the table to me. I looked down at it and read the words he had written across the scrap.

You’re too good of a person to give up. You have something worth fighting for.

I looked back up at him and murmured, “Thanks.”

There was a slight smile playing at my lips, but the crushing knowledge of my situation brought tears once again to my eyes. He has no idea how broken I am, there was no way he can help me. This sweet, gentle boy couldn’t possibly understand how I feel.

“You can call me anytime, Anabell. I mean it.” He was saying as I looked at him. I watched the way his mouth moved when he spoke and the peacefulness that filled his blue eyes. “I’m here for you…”

If only he knew what he was getting himself into… I thought as I nodded, looking down to my untouched food.

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