Path of Tonatiuh

Ahuitzotl squinted as he absently rubbed sweat from his eyebrow. The calculations before him troubled him. He shook his head and looked up.

His eyes focused on the temple stairs. The smooth stone ascent always reminded him of the order. The pure order of numbers always soothed him – until now. These results were the culmination of years of work on his astrological calculations. He had never questioned his conclusions before. Tonatiuh always led him to the solution through his calculations.

He had subsumed his entire being to finding the truest possible calculation. Night and day he had studied the sky to learn the answer. He had studied all the past works and everything the priests could tell him.

But nothing had prepared him for this feeling. The problem was not that his calculation had failed. The problem was that it had succeeded. Ahuitzotl looked down again at his numbers and shivered despite the warm sun. He had calculated the true path. He knew the exact date that the world would end.

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