Phoenix Dirkdark Chronicles

The nurses might tell you that lightning struck my mother the instant I came into the world, increasing my strength, dexterity and other awesome stats. The nurses might tell you how that energy, timed with the alignment of the planets timed with the winter solstice, at midnight, between The Stones of Prophecy, an unknown and awesome power was given to me . They would tell you these things but they all died at that very moment too. Other onlookers might tell you it was rank 11, the highest rank of lightning bolt to ever be recorded, that killed my mother and her four nurses, known as the Four Chosen from the Temple of Healzlawl. They might tell you how the lightning bounced from my mother to the Chosen Four standing around her, and that it looked “badass”. These onlookers might tell you these things but they died too. Assuming that the darkened sky could surely only cast lightning bolts from its vaulted skies, the onlookers did not properly spread for the Chain Lightning effect and died too.

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