Age and Habituation

The thing I miss the most about childhood are the sunny days in the back seat of a car, listening to the music over the radio as my mother drove.

Today, don’t I feel different?
I don’t feel the same.
Today everything changes and I know it.

I never really loathed age, the separation from my past experiences, until I began getting older, past the age of twenty.

I don’t mind sometimes that I’m not this or that; that accomplished or this accomplished; I don’t mind any of that. If there is one strand of solace that has come with age and consideration it’s that everything is balanced, from macro to micro. From mother nature to mother mind down to mother soul. The wealthy from their insides out in sum are no more the recipients of life’s manifold pleasures than the crooked. In total the grand balance of all prevails, and it’s only personal loathing that temporarily tips the scale.

These are things no one taught me but that I had to teach myself. The words from books say these things, but only I can habituate.

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