Have a Nice Weekend

4:35 PM, Friday: Not too bad – only 25 minutes until the end of another week that lasted a year. I think I can get through it without smashing my head against my cube’s half-wall. I’m pretty sure that I won’t get fired until next week, but you never can tell. It wouldn’t be the first time He’s waited until late on Friday to do His angel of death thing. A couple of months ago He downsized Larry at 4:55 on a Friday. Nobody liked Douchebag Larry anyways, so no big deal, but I’d rather spend the rest of my life surrounded by a gazillion Larry’s than spend 5 more minutes working for Him. I wonder if He’s got a clue about how much we all hate Him. I wonder how His wife stands Him. How could she possibly have sex with Him? I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM. But I need the job. Fuck! I shouldn’t have sent that email.

4:38 PM: I think I just heard his voice.

4:45 PM: It was Him but He obviously hasn’t seen the email yet.

5:00 PM: I’m out of here. Can’t wait til Monday.

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