As Liza pondered her relationship she couldn’t help but wonder if things were not quite running as smoothly as they could be. She had been away at camp for a week but had managed to email Jonathan twice. No reply. She came home and was looking forward to continuing her long distance relationship with him in a conversation online.

Unfortunately, his ‘friends showed up at the last minute’ so he could not chat. He didn’t even tell her he loved her before he signed off.

Liza went outside to the swing set, where she did all her thinking and sobbed, causing the 100 percent humidity in the summer air to feel just a bit wetter. Could Jonathan be cheating on her? Did he just not have time for her anymore? What was going on?

Liza had been the happiest girl on the planet for about two and a half months. Her courtship couldn’t end now, could it?

Fireworks exploded in the sky as Liza swung and she saw not the brilliant colors but her relationship bursting into flames before her eyes. Fresh tears streamed.

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