Jim and Jenny

“I am not a liar!” he yelled, feigning incredulity.

“Then explain this,” she said, putting her hand in her pocket.

“What? Explain WHAT?!” Jim said. “I told you, HONEY, I would never lie to you.”

“… Jim, what is this?” said Jenny. She put her hand in her pocket to pull out a cell phone bill, which, stubbornly refusing to come out, awkwardly delayed the damning revelation. “Hold on,” she said through her teeth, still grappling with the cell phone bill sitting squarely underneath the tapered opening of the pocket.

Finagling it free, she held it by two fingers in front of Jim’s face.

“That… that” Jim stammered.

“…Is a sheet of paper that says you’ve called 314-496-7732 at least four times a day, every day, for the past month.”

“Jenny,” said Jim, “that’s my client, you know the case I’ve been telling you about, that’s Mr. Banks.”

“Mr. Banks, huh?”

“Yes,” said Jim weakly, twinging with psychic knots all over.

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