Her hands shook, as she spooned grounds into the filter. Finally, she hardly noticed.
Sleep came when you were truly exhausted, but you had to stay alert in between, somehow. She heard some people had to turned to things other than caffeine, things that will stay with them long after this was over. Addictions with the price of PTSD.

The silhouette of her husband emerged from their room, outlined by a flash that shook the house. She swore they got closer by the day, but now it was like each rumble shook her a bit harder. Stopping next to her he sighed, turning on the lantern.
“I lose more sleep every time I say it.” he said, holding her face gently. “Because it’s a lie!” she snapped, her face puckering in anger. Don’t you dare say it again! she thought, suddenly overcome with fear. “It’s outside the city.” His words tumbled slowly, petrifying her. No! Voice failing.
“We’ll” Flash. “Be” Brighter. Silence as he mouthed “OK”.

She saw the coffee drop stop in midair,
then the brightest light of all.

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