Once more

Without realising it, I’d walked out into the middle of the room as I stared into the past. Fear made a metallic taste rise in my mouth and I swallowed with some difficulty. What was happening to me? I hadn’t felt like this since…since then. Actually, I hadn’t felt since that night.

I turned on my heel and stumbled to the door, my hand resting on the knob again but the sound of paper against wood made me look down. I recognised the handwriting. I stared. To Chaz. Just my first name. It was stamped and addressed though, so she wasn’t here, not my run-away fiancée.

“No.” For the first time in my life, I refused her. I pulled the door open and ran across the hallway, pushing on her door just as she was closing it behind her. “Charise!” I pushed open the portal and she looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks and making her golden locks stick to her skin a little. She was actually a redhead, I knew. “I’m sorry, I’d like one more chance.” I stepped close to wipe her tears and she embraced me suddenly.

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