Lee’s eyes were sore, they felt dry and desperate and felt in need of light or shape to bring them back to a satisfactory state. A light palette of blues, whites and pale greens were starting to come to him. He looked as far down as he could and saw a human shaped body in white come towards him.

“Just take it easy, Lee. Everything is going to be fine”
This harmlessy positive comment however scared Lee and he attempted to gather all of his strength to sit up and speak to this bright stranger. The person in white gently grabbed his shoulder and tried to stop his attempt to get up.

“Sue could you help me please?”. From the tone Lee heard it was definately a woman, another woman by the name of Sue came over to hold Lee down. Lee was intensely weak and although his mouth opened to vocalise his frustration and anger nothing came out, his effort to escape was futile and he lay back down. His head was swelling with the pain and a thousand thoughts.

“Thanks Sue, could you let Dr Clayton know the patient is awake?”

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