The Villain(?)

He sits there by the window, inside that dark, messy house of his.
But the darkness wasn’t for dramatic purposes. The electrician just cut the electricity off earlier today. He can’t pay for it anymore.
But let’s not dwell on that. :D

He sits on the window, wearing the spandex he found on his ex-wife’s closet yesterday.
Since his wife left him for another woman (which happened two days ago), he has decided to become a supervillain. A supervillain, who wants to ruin the lives of happily married men, by looking up their wives’ phone numbers on the directory and calling them, setting them up with attractive lesbians.

After staring at the window for twenty hours (with bloodshot eyes and starvation), he finally found his first victims: his newlywed neighbors. It will be easy for him, since he once worked with the girl before he got fired for playing with the fire alarm. He knows her number.

He got his phone. He dialled the number…and…

“Darn batteries!”

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