I don’t do dairy, It makes me ill. I don’t do coffee, it messes with my digestion. I don’t do bacon or any meat, I don’t support cruelty to the animals. I don’t do tropical fruits, they contain parasites. I don’t do vegetables, they are dirty and full of pesticides. I don’t do eggs, they are plain disgusting. I don’t do seafood, I could be allergic. I don’t do nuts since I spoke to this Jewish guy who swell like a balloon and he may have infected me. I don’t do processed food because Big Corporations may alter my genes, I don’t do water because it contains trace amounts of drugs put by Big Pharma to control the population.

Now I only eat the energy of the universe through meditation and exercise. At first my stomach hurt like hell but I had to learn to leave the earthly concerns away to achieve balance.
I opened my mind’s eye and started looking at the Hidden World, the rivers of Milk and Honey, the sacred animals frolicking together at the Golden Meadow. I am finally free.

Time of Death: 8:55 am

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