Maybe a Good Night?

I heard Nathaniel’s sentence stop in the middle. I could tell that he had more to say, but I didn’t feel like wriggling it out of him. Once upon a time I would have. I’d learned how to understand their expressions, tones, and other things. I never misused it though, and that’s why I was so well-liked. Now, I felt the playfullness rise in me, begging me to figure out how Nathaniel was going to fininsh that sentence… But it died within me as the bus went over a bump and a sore on my back was agitated.

We sat in silence the rest of the was home. Nathaniel waved goodbye and asked me to be sure and call him tonight. I promised I would, but I knew there was a very good chance I would break it.

I walked up to my house and braced myself at the door. After a series of deep breaths, I opened the door. Party music played throughout my house. I stepped in, totally shocked. Hesitantly, I called out, “Mom?”

“In the kitchen deary!” She answered. I hoped her good mood meant I could call Nathaniel without crying.

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