Answering Machine Messages

Uh, Liz? This is Kel. I was wondering when you were coming out of your house again? I miss your smile, Hon, and I think you should join me for coffee tomorrow. Please?

Flattery. Nope, not this time, Kel.

Hey, Liz, it’s Brian, look I’m really sorry about the whole Myra thing.. pick up the phone?.. yeah, well, call me when you get this.


Liz, this is your Mother! Pick up the phone! Kelly called me, said you were unresponsive and depressed. Don’t do anything rash, Dear. Come home. I’m making Devil’s Food..

Smother me Mom, no not even for chocolate cake.

Brian again. I’m so over Myra. She’s not even a factor. Look, I wanna make it up to you. How about a trip to the beach?Well.. Call me.


Uh, Brian again, about that trip, any day but Friday, I have a meeting that day. Love you. Call me.

A meeting? Yeah right.

Liz? umm, Myra told me to call, my name is Jen, and Brian was my boyfriend too..

Liz grabbed the receiver. “Jen? um, Hi.”

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