Not yet..

I waited on the doorstep of a shack, listening as the cylinders in each lock turned. To pass the time as my path was cleared, I made sure my eyes were the correct color.

The door opened at last, a sliver of light slipping into the night air, accompanied by the smell of food. The woman’s face was sunken, she held an underweight figure beneath a homemade burlap dress, and her hair, though it had clearly once been a vibrant auburn, had more grey in it than real color. However, in my hunger-crazed state, I merely gave it a passing glance and turned myself to her energy. Her aura was a strong, bright blue. She showed me in, explaining how her family never turned anyone away. I offered her a smile and assured myself that I would be fed soon.

“Yer awful well dressed t’ be ou’ ’ere.” Her voice, however horribly accented, reflected her aura flawlessly. I swept away from her to avoid a premature attack.

“I got lost on a walk.” The lies came out of me with ease in an enticing voice, if I’m any opinion on myself.

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