Gotta Eat

“If we don’t get something to eat I will die from starvation,” I say dramatically, “We have to find a place to eat.”

Maddy and I are walking down the isles at the gas station. I glance out the window and I see Thomas already making his moves on Amber. I chuckel.

“Agreed. Lets ask the cashier if he knows a good place,” Maddy suggests and walks up, “Hey do you know any good places to eat that are not far from here?”

“You must not be from around these parts,” The cashier says with a heavy southern accent, “go up the road a piece and you will get to our small town. There ain’t no way you can miss the best diner around.”

We both say thanks and walk out.

“Hey love birds! We found a place to eat!” I scream to get their attention.

Maddy and I both laugh because of the the innocent look on their faces.

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