Fallen Angels (Pt. 1)

He woke up in a grimy concrete room lit only with a dirty, dim light bulb. His head throbbed and he could taste blood in his mouth. What the…? He felt the warm, sticky liquid soak into his pale hand.

He squinted up at the light bulb, trying to figure out where he was. As he tried to move, he felt a sharp pain shoot down his spine. He stood up gingerly, in anguish. He turned his head around and his bright green eyes widened.

…They ripped off his wings.

He felt where the flesh was ripped from his back, and his thin, sweaty T-shirt was torn and stained with his blood. He looked around for who could have done this to him… where was the door? There was no door!

Finally, he gave up and crumpled into a ball in the corner of the room.
Suddenly, a perky female voice came over a hidden PA system. She said: “Now that you have a somewhat human appearance, Basil, we believe you shall comply with our demands quite nicely.”

Usually, when angels fall to earth, no one notices.

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