Seeing the Oracle

For a moment, when I saw her, I froze.
Then looking quickly at my feet, so I couldn’t stare, I mumbled a greeting.
“Welcome,” her voice was musical, sweet, haunting.

“You have something to inquire about.”

I nodded, even though it wasn’t a question.
“My sister, Sophie, she’s missing. I heard you could tell me where she is.”
I dared to glance up at her, just for a moment. She was pretty I noticed, breathtakingly so.
Well, if it wasn’t for…
I looked down again.
“Please. If you know anything! You have to help me. She’s just a little girl!”

“I can tell you where she is, but you will not like the answer.
In the woods, there is a river that sings. It has no voice, but truly it sings, you will understand when you find it. You must follow this river until you meet the Ferryman. He will grant you passage if you know how to ask.”

“Passage where?”

“To the land of the dead, that is there you will find your sister.”

I looked up in surprise, and again froze, trapped under the gaze of her eerie, empty sockets.

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