Something Special

From the beginning of James and Candace relationship there would always be a little shout around midnight. On the faithful day when it ended, James stood next to the couch and watched Candace pack her things. Candace turned around to face James, where her eyes were blood shot and fresh tears were falling down her cheeks. “I thought we would get married James, I thought we had something special, but I guess I will always be second best.” “I always loved you Candace.” James countered as best as he could, his words were chocked up with the tears he was holding back. Candace picked up a candle and threw it across the room where it hit the frame picture of James and Candace at a resort in London. Candace finished packing and stormed past James, James grabbed Candace arms and swung her back facing James. James was no longer holding in his tears, they were flowing past his cheeks. All he wanted to say was how much he loved her, but no words were drawn. Candace stared at James, watching as his tears fall.

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