The Bus Stop

But thats what Julia was. Story. Drama. Danger. Nicole loved people, loved to learn about their lives. Sadly, she didn’t have much of her own.
But since the day she met Julia, just shared a smile for a moment, she knew what life she wanted.
Sitting across the isle from her obsession, she smiled.
Without saying a word, Julia tossed a cigarette into Nicole’s lap. Nicole was up to the challenge, and had her own pack of matches. She lit up, and leaned back, eyes on the other girl. Nicole’s legs stretched forward along the seat, though she hadn’t been bold enough to take her own pantyhose off.
“My mom won’t be home until 8 or 9,” Julia offered.
“OK,” slipped from Nicole’s lips, unsure of what she was agreeing to.
At the bus stop, they both got off, but on the way, Julia somehow tangled her finger in Nicole’s dark hair and gave a sharp, though not painful, yank.
Nicole whimpered, and let Julia guide her home, with fingers on the back of her neck and smoke dancing on her tongue.

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