His Fairy Tale

‘She was back in Leeds and hopefully back in work tomorrow’, Matthew excitedly thought as he lay in bed. He lay flat on his back staring at what would be the white, bubbled ceiling if the light wasn’t off. He just came out of the shower and got straight into bed, his long black hair was still damp and soaked the pillow. His mum always said ‘it gives you a bad head going to bed with wet hair’ like everything else that his mum told him, it never sank in.

Besides, Matthew had other things to think about. His stomach was tight, his heart was racing as he thought of her. Matthew could not sleep, he felt like it was Christmas Eve or the night before his birthday, his mind full of thoughts..thoughts of her. She was not like other girls he thought of, the girls he now thought were filthy slags with no ambition in life but to get famous any way possible. She was a proper lady, smart, cute and funny but with imperfections that made her more human.

His life changed, she changed it for the better. Princess was home.

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