She Wins, I Lose (2)

Or told me I was being rude,
When I wasn’t.
This is just venting,
And venting it shall stay.
because if I voice my feelings she’ll just say I’m wrong.
Just like right now,
When she told me I had bossed her around,
When in reality I asked politely to be careful with the site I was on.
I try to explain that thats not how it went,
She just says stop talking like that,
“You are wrong, and I am right,
You were rude, and unjustifiably so.
You came in and yelled at ME,
I’m a grown adult,
I know what I’m doing.
You are a child, and have no right to tell me.”
When I am polite, she critizes me,
When I’m pleasant, I’m wrong,
When I finally show the emotion shes accusing,
She get more pissed and I lose.
She wins and I lose; thats how it always will be.

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